We want you to make the most of your visit with us. By reviewing this section of the website, you will maximize the chances of that occurring. Because we are specialists, your child will likely be seeing us after one or more previous evaluations have been made by your pediatrician or family doctor. Such evaluations always generate doctor notes, lab reports, X-ray reports, pathology reports, etc.. Please understand that it is impossible for us to fully understand your child’s problem without reviewing these notes and reports. Furthermore, X-ray reports may not always reflect the subtle findings of an X-ray. For this reason, and to make the most of your visit, please have your physician make copies of all relevant information for you to hand carry to the appointment. Please do not ask your doctor’s office to fax this information, as it may not be reliably transmitted. Furthermore, please retrieve the actual X-rays performed on your child (copies of the films are OK), as well as the local radiologist’s report of the findings. The radiologist may mention something in the report not reflected on the actual films that were made during the study.
Never rely on someone else to send your child’s X-rays by mail because they might not be in our office when you arrive. Also, do not accept the statement “these X-rays cannot be loaned out” when you request the films from the file room or film library at the facility in which they were created. The films are your property. If the facility does not want to release the original films, they can make a copy. Many facilities now make digital X-rays. Such X-rays can be “burned” onto a CD for your convenience. Please make sure the CD has the software loaded onto the disc so that any standard desktop computer can view the images. It helps to have the facility try it out on their computer to make sure it will work in our office.
Again, without your child’s pertinent records or the actual X-rays, your child’s visit will not be as productive as it otherwise would be. Furthermore, it might cause you to have to wait while we try to track down the information we need to treat you child, or we might have to repeat the X-ray.
Finally, please review the section on what to bring to your visit when planning your visit.

Please respect the office and its contents while you are visiting us. Please check your shoes for mud before entering the medical office building. We ask that you do not eat and drink while you are in our office, though baby bottles are permitted. Our medical records system is an active wireless network that is easily disrupted by cell phones. Please turn off all cell phones while you are in our office.
Our aquarium brings much joy to us and our patients. It is at once a source of wonder and relaxation. Fish are stressed very easily. Please do not allow your child to beat on the glass. We have a baby changing table in one of our bathrooms. If your child has a poopy diaper, please ask one of our staff members for a plastic bag for that diaper. Do not simply throw the unbagged diaper into the trash can.
Because Dr. Schaeffer is the only pediatric urologist in this region of the United States, we are usually very busy. We understand that the waiting room can get a little cramped, or that you may have to wait. Walk-in emergencies can set us back an hour on any given day. Please be patient.

Medical Information:
Please carefully review “Before Your Visit” in this section of the website before reviewing the following information about what to bring to your visit. Please bring all papers, doctor’s notes, hospital reports (i.e. history and physical, operation report, discharge summary), laboratory reports, pathology reports, X-rays, and X-ray reports relevant to your child’s problem. For example, we do not need reports about recent ear infections if your child is being seen for a kidney infection. If your child has spent any time in a hospital, a lot of useful information will have been documented in your child’s medical record at that facility. We cannot directly request that information. You must pick the information up in person or request that the information be sent directly to you. If we have never seen your child, we prefer that you do not send your child’s medical information to us because we will not have a chart created in which to put that information. Just bring the information with you to your first visit.
Insurance Information:
Please review the Insurance Information section of the website prior to your visit. You will need to bring your child’s social security number and insurance card to every visit, even if we have seen you before. If your insurance is provided by your employer, please bring the employer’s name, address, and phone number, as well as the name, address, date of birth, and social security number of the insured parent or guardian. Also, please have working knowledge of your required co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible, as well as whether or not your yearly deductible has been met. Your co-pay is expected at the time of service, and we accept cash, check, VISA, and MasterCard. If you do not have health insurance of any kind, you will be expected to make some payment at the time of service, depending on the services provided. Please call ahead so that you will know what to expect. Please read the information about insurance elsewhere in this website.
Doctor and Pharmacy Information:
Please bring with you the name, address, phone number, and fax number of your primary care physician, the doctor who referred you to us (if different), any specialist to whom you think we may also need to send reports, and your pharmacy.
Things For Your Child:
Although we have a number of books, magazines, and toys, feel free to bring whatever you feel your child might need while waiting to be seen. Don’t forget baby bottles and diapers, which we do not have. Eating and drinking (other than baby bottles) is not permitted in the office.
The Legal Guardian:
We cannot see a child who is not accompanied by a legal guardian. A physical examination or a surgical procedure can never be performed on a minor without proper consent from a legal guardian. If a child comes to our office without his or her legal guardian, a written statement by the legal guardian authorizing care must be provided by the adult accompanying the child.
Other Family Members:
Because we have limited space in our office, we prefer that your extended family not accompany you and your child to the visit unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. If you have several children that may distract you during your visit and your discussions with us, we strongly suggest that you get a babysitter for your other children.

A medical office is ultimately a business, just like any other, and we expect to be paid for our services so that we can continue to provide those services. An arrangement for payment, whether made by the patient or via health insurance, must be made at the time of service. Please review the Insurance Information section of this website for further information about paying for your visit. If your child does not have health insurance, please contact Tina Boone at 502-410-4700 to review your options.
We hope you came away from your visit with a better insight into the nature of your child’s problem and a treatment plan that you understand and which makes sense to you. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us as directed on our home page.
If you encountered any problems with the entire process of your visit, i.e. from the moment your appointment was scheduled to the time of check out in the office, please let Dr. Schaeffer know, preferably in writing. The practice of medicine is ultimately a service, and we are always interested in doing a better job. On the other hand, the world of medicine is also an emotional world, so seeking help for your child is not like seeking help for your car’s brakes. We recognize that fact, and we do the best that we can. We want you to recognize that we treat many patients, ranging in age from fetuses to 18 years. We try to treat everyone equally, irrespective of station in life. Sick children always take precedence over children whose problems can be treated electively.
If you have any medically-related questions, please contact one of our nurse practitioners.
If you need medical records, please contact the office at which you were seen.
If you have any financially-related questions or questions about your upcoming surgery, please contact Tina Boone at our Louisville office 502-410-4700.