Medication Refills

If your child is prescribed medication by our office, you will typically be given enough medication to last until your next visit, unless the prescription is for a limited period of time. If you think you are going to run out of your medication prior to you follow-up visit, PLAN AHEAD. Please don’t wait until you are completely out of medication to call us. Notify us during regular business hours so that we can “phone in” enough medication to get you to your next visit. Make sure you have your pharmacy phone number when you call, and make sure the pharmacy is open when you call. We do not refill medication requests for patients whom we have not seen at an appropriate interval.
We prescribe narcotics only for patients who have had surgery or for patients who are actively passing a documented kidney stone. Your child will be prescribed enough pain medication to treat the severity of pain anticipated based on your child’s situation. It is our policy not to refill pain medication over the phone. In addition, state law proscribes phoning in narcotics. If your child is still in pain after completing the narcotic prescription given to you after discharge from the clinic or the surgical facility, this could suggest there is a problem that additional medication might simply mask. Please call during regular business hours if you think your child needs more pain medication or needs to be seen. PLAN AHEAD. Do not wait until the afternoon to call, as we may need to see your child in the office. Calling at the end of the day or after hours does not give us the flexibility we need to arrange to see your child.