Our practice philosophy, and thus our responsibility to you, is simple. We are committed to providing the best possible surgical and medical care for your child, and we will see any child who needs our care. We treat patients with a variety of problems, some of which are minor and some of which are major. A sick child will always take precedence over child with a minor issue or a problem that can be treated electively. You should expect your care to be professional, competent, courteous, caring, and affordable.
Many pediatric urologists practice in large institutions involved in teaching doctors, and many patients seek care in such settings. We respect that decision. Without detracting from the very important mission of large teaching institutions, our mission is different. We provide families an alternative to care in such settings. If your child needs surgery, the procedure will be done by one of the best-trained pediatric urologists in the United States, not a trainee. Your child’s anesthesia will be provided by fully-credentialed anesthesiologists who practice anesthesia daily and who are extremely skilled at regional anesthetic techniques for post-operative pain control in children. If your child is hospitalized after surgery, he or she will be admitted to a private room staffed by a stable group of experienced nurses who have worked extensively with Dr. Schaeffer. We are committed to patient privacy, and we invite you to review our privacy policies outlined in this website. We welcome feedback about the care we provide.