I’m Dry! Children’s Continence Center

Welcome to the I’m Dry! Children’s Continence Center.  This program is directed by Cameron S. Schaeffer, MD, a pediatric urologist.

Patients We Treat

The I’m Dry! Center has been established to treat children who have trouble controlling their bladder, bowels, or both.  This can range from mild bedwetting to severe soiling of the underwear with urine and stool during the day.  Urinary tract infections and constipation are frequently associated with incontinence in children, and we strive to rapid reverse these problems, if present, and then figure out why your child is having trouble.

Our Goals

Our first goal at the I’m Dry! Center is to correct any active disease that may harm your child’s urinary tract, particularly urinary tract infections.  Urinary incontinence in children is frequently associated with structural problems of the urinary tract or the nervous system which controls bowel and bladder function.  Our second goal is to be sure that there are no structural problems present that will need to be addressed to help your child.  Once we feel comfortable that your child’s anatomy is normal, we will work to correct any functional problems that exist that require proactive therapy.  This is frequently the “hard part,” but not all incontinence needs proactive therapy.  A treatment plan will be outlined that may include medication and/or behavioral therapy.  Children with bowel and bladder problems are seldom “misbehaving.”  Nearly all children with incontinence issues have absolutely no control over their bowels and bladder.  Behavioral therapy consists of non-medication recommendations that will help to improve your child’s bowel and bladder function.

Contact Us

If your child is having bowel or bladder problems after potty training, it is very likely that we can help.  Feel free to call and make an appointment with us at 859/275-KIDS (5437).