How Are Pediatric Urology and Plastic Surgery Related?

Though seemingly narrow, pediatric urology is actually a rather broad field, encompassing a wide range of medical and surgical disorders. Pediatric urologic procedures are usually either ablative (i.e. removing things) or reconstructive (i.e. fixing things). Plastic surgery is the art of fixing soft tissue, as opposed to bones, something orthopedists do. A large portion of pediatric urology deals with reconstruction of congenital and acquired malformations of the genitalia, essentially genital plastic surgery. Many of the techniques used in pediatric urology were either developed or inspired by plastic surgeons who worked before the field of pediatric urology existed. In some parts of the world, genital plastic surgery has remained within the realm of plastic surgery, and modern American plastic surgeons typically receive some training in and are tested on genital reconstruction during their board examinations.

Dr. Schaeffer is the only surgeon in the United States with formal training and certification in pediatric urology and plastic surgery. This training allows him to bring the skills and perspectives of both specialties to the bedside when treating patients.